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She may be strict about soggy bottoms, but famed baker and former Great British Bake Off judge Mary Berry knows how to cut loose too. At this weekend’s UK music festival Camp Bestival, Berry made a surprise appearance during headliner Rick Astley’s set, joining him onstage for a brief drum solo. And while the 83-year-old probably shouldn’t quit her day job to pursue a career in rock and roll drumming, it’s pretty goddamn delightful to watch her jam out onstage. One Twitter user shared this video of the performance (and yes, we promise this isn’t just an elaborate Rickroll):


Astley and Berry joined forces on Astley’s song “Beautiful Life” from his new album of the same same. It’s not exactly clear where the idea for the performance came from. Earlier that day, Astley tweeted a photo with Berry saying he’d “bumped into” her, but not hinting that she’d later join him onstage.

Meanwhile, festival organizer Rob da Bank later shared this snippet of Astley and Berry in rehearsal, calling their team up one of the “odder moments” of the weekend.


Though Berry left The Great British Bake Off in 2016, American viewers can still catch her on TV every Friday night as PBS airs an early season of the cooking competition series (dubbed The Great British Baking Show in the States). And her musical performance is just further proof that while her co-judge Paul Hollywood may style himself as the bad boy of GBBO, Mary Berry is the true badass of the series. And for his part, Astley may have finally found something to rival Rickrolling: Mary Berrying.

[via Consequence Of Sound]

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