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Oh hello, it's a trailer for Nailed It! season three

To celebrate this most sacred of, uh, Wednesdays, Netflix has blessed your hump day with a trailer for the new season of Nailed It!—the show where the only thing more terrifying than a giant scary clown cake is what happens when these amateurs try to replicate the giant scary clown cake. The third season of Netflix’s hit competition series, which premieres on May 17, will put more amateur bakers (playing fast and loose with that term here) to the test, challenging them to recreate various elaborate cakes and cookies and such. For those unfamiliar with Nailed It!, the series might seem like an excuse to cackle at the expense of a bunch of talentless home cooks who have no formal training whatsoever (their informal training is questionable, at best). However, it’s actually a surprisingly pleasant show in which the contestants are incredibly aware of their lack of skill, and the judges aren’t mean about it in the slightest. They almost always find something positive to say about the garbage piles these people put together. It’s cute!

And as anyone who loves Nailed It! will tell you, it’s also just a fun excuse to watch comedian Nicole Byer ham it up alongside fellow judge and renowned French pastry chef Jacques Torres, who’s surprisingly game about the whole thing (and kinda flirty, too).


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