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"Oh, hai Luke!": Tommy Wiseau finally gets his own Star Wars saga

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Two years ago, when Tommy Wiseau first joined Twitter, he made a modest request to Mark Hamill: “Put me in the next Star Wars. Two years later, his dream has come true. Sorta. Thanks to the editing chops of YouTube mashup artist PistolShrimps, we finally know how Tommy would fare in his own Star Wars saga.

PistrolShrimps took two years (!) to insert Tommy’s character from The Room into scenes from all three Star Wars trilogies, resulting in 20-minute short that’s shockingly seamless. Here, Wiseau plays a Vader-esque character, telling Luke Skywalker “you are sort of my son before announcing “I’m fed up with this world” and blowing up Dagobah with his own Death Star. He also flirts with Anakin Skywalker, as PistolShrimps swaps out Padme with Wiseau from the prequel trilogy, and has a heart-to-heart with Kylo Ren about their dark forces. And, rest assured, there’s plenty of footballs in outer space.

In other Tommy-related news, the man is running a Black Friday sale on his website where you can purchase jackets and get a free copy of The Room on DVD or Blu-ray. Perhaps the funds raised could help Tommy nab a big enough budget to properly distribute his next hit, Big Shark.

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