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Over the past several days, Zack Snyder has been popping off left and right. While appearing at a fan event to promote (checks notes) the director’s cuts of his various films–an event that proves anything can be an event with the right attitude–Snyder confirmed the existence of what has come to be known as “The Snyder Cut” of Justice League. Actually, Snyder allegedly says in this video with very poor audio, he has “a bunch of” cuts. And lo, the Snyder Cut truthers did rejoice:


Uproxx transcribed the audio from the above video:

“[…] all I can say is… sure there’s a cut… it’s done. I have a cut. I have a bunch of them. So, it’s not like… that’s up to them [Warner Bros.].”

Given that Warner Bros. has largely ignored Snyder-fan outcry regarding this weird-ass holy grail, it seems doubtful that the studio will be releasing the Snyder Cut anytime soon–if ever. The theatrical release of Justice League, which was completed by Joss Whedon when Snyder was forced to exit the project due to a family matter, is probably the only version that will ever exist. And with WB taking the DCEU in a lighter direction–Shazam!, James Gunn’s Suicide Squad reboot-thing, Birds Of Prey–the chances of Snyder Cut truthers ever getting their hands on his original version, said to be much darker than the one released, are basically nil. Our thoughts are with the Snyder Cut community in this difficult time.

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