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Oh god, why? Sony announces a virtual reality Groundhog Day sequel where you play as "Phil Connors, Jr."

Well, hey, how’s this for a brief glimpse into an unceasing existential hell? Playing off the hype of today’s rodent-based holiday, Sony has just announced that it’s making a sequel to Groundhog Day, one of the most beloved (and complete) supernatural comedies of all time.

Huh? No, Bill Murray doesn’t appear to be in it.

No, it’s not a movie; it’s a virtual reality video game, for Sony’s PlayStation VR hardware.


Yes, of course you play as “Phil Connors, Jr.,” also, somehow trapped in a repeating Feb-2 loop, just like his dear old dad.

No, we don’t know either.

Okay, we’re being perhaps a tad overly negative about this, because it’s, well, a totally bonkers idea, and Groundhog Day was already borderline perfect. But there is some evidence that Sony is taking this thing seriously; development on the game is being done by small-scale studio Tequila Works, which has made some really great games—critical darlings like The Sexy Brutale and The Invisible Hours—about people being trapped in time loops. That doesn’t mean the idea of a Groundhog Day sequel without the participation of Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, or even performers like Stephen Tobolowsky—who’s definitely not voicing Needle Nose Ned Ryerson in the above trailer—doesn’t fill us with our own sense of universal dread, though, especially since the dialogue and voice acting on display are a lot more “Phil at the start of the loop” than “Phil at the end of the loop,” if you get what we mean.

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