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Back when he was just bored reality show star Donald Trump—and not President Donald Trump, The Korea-Poker—the former Apprentice host devoted some of his constantly wavering attention to the case of Amanda Knox. Knox was the U.S. citizen who spent almost four years in an Italian prison on a murder conviction, before the charges against her were ultimately overturned and she was released. While all this was going down in 2010 and 2011, Trump took time out from his busy Twitter schedule—otherwise filled with calling Barack Obama a Muslim, and saying things he’d later directly contradict—to throw some energy Knox’s way, and brought her up in a number of interviews.

But what did the newly released Knox do with her hard-won freedom? She turned around and stabbed her old pal The Donald in the back, voting for Hillary in the 2016 election, and posting an essay where she called Trump “a broken trumpet.” And if you’re asking yourself, “Who the fuck cares who this poor woman voted for?” well, take a guess: It starts with “D,” and ends in a 2:30 tee time at Mar-A-Lago this weekend.


Trump is apparently ”very angry” that Knox has “turned” on him with her vote. That’s per a New York Times interview with Trump‘s New York neighbor George Guido Lombardi, an Italian wannabe power-player clearly looking to parlay the fact that the guy down the hall from him became president into international success. Lombardi says Trump often came to him to ask about Italian issues over the years, and specifically asked him to look into Knox’s trial. Now, Lombardi tells reporters, he’s furious that she hasn’t returned the support.

Admittedly, this is kind of a “c’mon” story. On the one hand, Lombardi is clearly out to make headlines for himself. On the other hand: C’mon. It’s not like Donald Trump doesn’t have a depressingly consistent track record of becoming furious when women he’s lavished unasked-for attention on don’t turn around and give him immediate access to everything he wants. In any case, we’re just happy that the president’s hyuuge attention span is able to hold onto such moldy grudges, while simultaneously dropping bombs on countries and potentially provoking World War III on Twitter.

[via The Hill]