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Oh baby, here’s a baby dressed as Baby Groot

Screenshot: Guardians Of The Galaxy

There’s a lot of bad shit in the world, so let’s take a moment to appreciate something that is purely good: A baby dressed as Baby Groot from Guardians Of The Galaxy. That’s right, that’s all there is to this. Just a really fucking cute baby dressed as a fan-favorite character who is also a baby.


The 5-month-old is named Charlie and his parents, Tracie Lockwood-Santiago and David Lockwood, brought him to Boston Comic Con over the weekend in truly adorable cosplay. Even Guardians director James Gunn couldn’t get over how freaking cute this baby is and shared a photo of him on Instagram, joking it was an early still from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2.

BuzzFeed has even more photos of Charlie in cosplay. You know, in case you need it. And in case you really need something good today. Here’s a GIF of Charlie dancing, which Lockwood-Santiago shared on her Imgur:


[via BuzzFeed]

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