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Oh, and Heidi Klum will also be on Parks And Recreation

Barely a day after it was announced that Henry Winkler would help to add dimension to the gloriously shallow Jean-Ralphio, Winkler's fellow swimsuit model Heidi Klum has also joined Parks And Recreation. According to Entertainment Weekly, Klum will likewise appear in the show’s hour-long, London-set premiere, turning up as the mayor of a small town in Denmark at the very same ceremony where Leslie’s set to receive an award for excellence (and convenience, what with Chris Pratt’s Guardians Of The Galaxy commitment there). The Teutonic Project Runway automaton is, of course, the second Sports Illustrated cover girl to appear on Parks after Christie Brinkley, again stoking the hope that Cheryl Tiegs could fulfill all those longtime fan wishes and finally show up as Mayor Gunderson.


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