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As part of what was generally not a good night for performers who have generally tumultuous relationships with live audiences, Fiona Apple halted her Thursday concert in Tokyo, after becoming enraged by a crowd that refused to stop talking over her set. Apple’s set was at a fashion party thrown by Louis Vuitton (hence the report hailing from Women’s Wear Daily) where Apple—apparently in disbelief that a crowd composed of wealthy socialites, who flew to Tokyo to party at the behest of a luxury brand, would be so arrogantly self-involved—repeatedly called for silence, to no avail.


At one point, Apple even climbed atop her piano and “challenged everyone to be silent for the duration of a tone she created by striking a small metal bell,” which somehow proved ineffective. She then urged the “rude” crowd to “shut the fuck up,” before finally storming off while exclaiming, “Predictable fashion, what the fuck?!”—not a Louis Vuitton tagline, not yet. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Axl Rose played anywhere last night, so that’s probably the last one of these we’re gonna read today. [via Vulture]

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