Screenshot: HBO

Sunday night, HBO played host to two events with the potential for deep and long-lasting power shifts in their respective nations. One was a battle between multiple armies with the victor boasting the unambiguous rule of the North. The other was the debut of a documentary created by sitting U.S. President Selina Meyer’s daughter. Although a neophyte documentarian, Catherine Meyer’s premiere film project gives an impressively nuanced view of her mother’s administration and its current fight to keep the Oval Office.

Produced by Marjorine Films—a “full service film production company that develops and produces transformative documentaries and fictional films” about “vital issues like social justice, LGBT rights, the threat posed by GMOs, as well as some of the darker chapters of American history”—this unrestrained look at the seat of power truly has the potential to shape the future of world events. One viewing of this trailer will show what powerful material it contains:—the newly available website for the sure-to-be-influential documentary—provides a compelling raison d’être for the film’s existence in this hour of national tumult.

Kissing Your Sister: The Story Of A Tie is the gripping inside account of the real life political drama that stunned the world. But it’s more than that. It’s also the story of a young woman’s journey towards self discovery and how she found love along the way. With unprecedented access to the inner workings of the Meyer White House, President Meyer’s daughter Catherine shows what really happened amidst the turmoil of the contested presidential election and the subsequent vote in the House of Representatives to decide the outcome. With a cast of characters—some already well-known to the public, some not—rendered in vivid detail through their own words and actions, Kissing Your Sister quite literally shows history being made from a unique perspective that is both intimate and deeply personal.


The website also includes a plethora of invaluable bonus materials, such as a photo collage of the filmmaker’s influences and a collection of unused raw outtakes: