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AMC’s We Hate Paul Revere has an extremely straightforward premise for a comedy show set in Colonial America. It’s about two guys who hate Paul Revere. Boom. It would be like if Friday Night Lights were called The Show Is About Football, But Mostly It’s About A Small Town That Really Loves Football.


Now, a traditional approach to casting a show like this would be to put someone endlessly punchable in the role of Revere. Someone who the audience automatically dislikes, like a Shia LaBeouf or a James Franco. AMC is too smart for that, though, and it has instead chosen to go in a completely different direction. According to TV Line, We Hate Paul Revere has cast affable everyman Ron Livingston as Revere, despite the fact that only a jackass like Bill Lumbergh could hate Ron Livingston. He did act a little smug in Band Of Brothers, though, so who knows.

With the crucial role of Paul Revere now cast for the pilot, we just hope this show starts filling out its ranks with other Revolutionary War celebrities. It could be like Gotham, but with important historical figures instead of The Riddler and Poison Ivy. They’d just walk in, make a blatant reference to something famous they do, and then leave. That would be fun and educational.

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