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Office non-spin-off spin-off has a title, premiere date

For months, the only news about NBC’s Office spin-off is that NBC didn’t insisted that no one refer to it as a spin-off, despite the crossover in creative teams and concepts. (Okay, the new show doesn’t spin-off from the Dunder-Mifflin universe, so technically the network is in the right. According to co-creator Greg Daniels, an idea for a true spin-off may be on the table for the future.) But now, it appears that the show finally has a name, maybe. As Michael Scott would say, drumroll please…

Public Service. Heading a cast that includes former Office-mate Rashida Jones and Human Giant’s Aziz Ansari, Poehler will star as a mid-level local government official with big ambitions—and presumably modest abilities and accomplishments. The show was originally intended to premiere after the Super Bowl, but Poehler’s pregnancy forced a delay in the production schedule. It’s now slated to air on April 9th at 8:30 p.m. ET.


More information on this and other examples of network bet-hedging can be found here.

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