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Of course there's a YouTube channel filled entirely with Japanese stray cat cuddles

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Screenshot: Impressed Cat Video (YouTube)

“Impressed cat video” is a YouTube channel that seems as if it’s always existed yet has only just now come to our attention. In it, a guy documents his journeys wandering around Japan, meeting stray cats and taking videos of them that he then uploads on a regular basis. That’s all there is to it. That’s all there needs to be to it.


If you’re not convinced that this material stands on its own merits, watch for yourself. Several hours ago, he posted “A stray cat came when I sat on a bench in the park.” True to this description, a striped cat with a chewed-up ear comes over to meow and purr and rub its head against his leg. The only plot twist comes when a second cat walks over and sits next to them. Otherwise, it’s just an HD video of a happy cat saying hello to a stranger.

There is much, much more where that came from. Earlier today, a video was uploaded called “It’s raining and shelter with a stray cat at eaves” and last night he shared one where he walks up to a cat sleeping on a different bench and pets it for a while.

The channel description promises that “every day,” it will show “the story of an impressed cat,” (which we’re guessing is an auto-translated take on something like “impressive”) “a fun cat,” “a video of a cute cat, a stray cat, an animation of an area cat, etc.” There are no lies here. The above two videos alone definitely show cats that are “impressed,” “fun,” “cute,” and either stray or just from the area. You cannot catch this channel promising anything but the truth in its purest form.


This honesty—this clear-eyed statement of intent and commitment to delivering what audiences crave—is commendable. “Impressed cat video” is the internet at its most utopian and noble. It shows it fulfilling its only reliably useful purpose: Sharing times people have seen cats so that other people from the around the world can see more cats as a result.

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