(Photo: eBay screenshot)

Last night’s all-but-inevitable The Force Awakens ticketpocalypse caused a number of hardships for Star Wars fans, including, but not limited to, Facebook envy, panicked, reckless drives to the local multiplex to buy physical tickets, and—worst of all—being forced to see the movie the day it comes out instead of opening night. (We’ll be seeing it on Saturday, at a suburban movie theater, because we hate crowds.) Nevertheless, some people must have been able to buy tickets, as the film is now on track to beat The Hunger Games for a new ticket pre-sale record. The Alamo Drafthouse has already issued an apology for its server crashing, but for the eBay sellers hoping to make some money scalping tickets, your bad luck is their (potential) gain.

Screen Crush tracked down one entrepreneurial seller who listed a pair of tickets to the Thursday night 8 PM show in Wilmington, Delaware for $10,000 on eBay, although he appears to have taken down his listing in the wake of some undoubtedly pretty intense social-media vitriol. But residents of Sunrise, Florida can still pick up four tickets to the 10:30 Thursday show for a cool $1,000, while four tickets to the 7PM Thursday screening in Portland, OR can be yours for $2,000. Scottsdale, Arizona’s going rate for four 11pm Thursday tickets is $500 ($2,000 to avoid the anxiety of bidding with Buy It Now), and Pasadena, CA offers four tickets to a “VIP premium plus” moviegoing experience for $1,500. These are just the most optimistic/opportunistic listings, however; average eBay prices are in the $100-$200 range, which isn’t that much more than the actual ticket price when you account for fees. A few charitable souls are even offering opening-night tickets to IMAX shows in Seattle and suburban Chicago with no reserve, although we’re assuming prices will go higher than $0.99 and $5.50, respectively, before bidding ends.