Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

It is not necessarily news that, like so many of us, many prominent members of the Trump administration stepped onto a porch today at the White House, put on some dorky glasses, and then looked to the sky. A solar eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime celestial occurrence—why not take a look and see what’s up there? Behold, elfish Attorney General Jeff Sessions getting ready for the big event:

Here’s the rest of the gang all geared up and ready for fun:

And, finally, here’s—wait, goddamn it, there was one instruction here:


Yes, our devil-may-care commander in chief did the thing he is best at and ignored the absolute unyielding consensus recommendation of the world’s doctors, scientists, and subject experts, and looked directly into the blinding motherfucking sun during the eclipse. Perhaps he did not understand the rationale behind the specially tinted glasses, or he merely did not think it applied to him; perhaps he forgot, or thought himself stronger than the sun itself. It really doesn’t matter. It was fate fulfilling itself, because of course if there is one single thing that everyone knows about the eclipse—you shouldn’t look directly at it—Donald Trump would do it.

Then do it a second time.


The solar eclipse has been a cause of much joy throughout Twitter, and so Trump’s glasses-free peek provided the ultra-rare convergence of Trumpian idiocy with a non-Trump global phenomenon. And so:


There will be many more of these jokes, at least until he reaches his hand into a garbage disposal or something.