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Odette Annable to play new villain Reign on Supergirl

(Photo: Getty Images/FilmMagic, Jon Kopaloff) / (Image: DC Comics)

At the end of the recent season finale of Supergirl, the show flashed back to the day Krypton exploded and revealed that Kara Zor-El and her more famous cousin weren’t the only ones to survive the planet’s destruction. Apparently, there was also a blood-drinking baby who was placed in yet another life-saving rocket, but this baby was saved by some ominous, hooded figures standing beneath an awesome skull emblem, strongly implying that this particular baby will be next season’s big villain. Now, thanks to Variety, we seem to know just who that evil baby will grow up to be.

According to the story, next season’s villain will be Reign, a villain who first appeared in the New 52 Supergirl comics and is a “Worldkiller” like Doomsday, the bony brute who beat Superman to death in the ‘90s. Reign was actually raised on Krypton, though, where she was given “new abilities” by the planet’s scientists. It’s unclear how much of that will be kept for Reign’s CW incarnation, but Variety specifically notes that she’ll look different in some way.


Reign will be played Pure Genius and Banshee‘s Odette Annable, with executive producer Andrew Kreisberg saying that he and CW superhero mogul Greg Berlanti are “beyond excited” to have Annable playing this “scary, powerful, and heartbreaking” villain. Also, this is hopefully just the beginning of Supergirl introducing new characters that share a name with other CW shows.

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