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Odd Mom Out is in for a second season

Odd Mom Out

Jill Kargman’s Odd Mom Out—based on her own experiences as the still wealthy but slightly “alternative” mom in the Upper East Side world of perfect mommy robots—has been renewed for a second season. Kargman created, executive produces, and writes for the series, and also stars as wild-card mom Jill, a fictionalized version of herself. This is Kargman’s first experience in a leading role on television, but her brilliant comedic timing, physicality, and charm has made her the standout talent on the series. The series closed out its 10-episode first season on Bravo earlier this month, and, according to the network, was its highest-rated new series launch in 2015.

Our wishlist for season two includes the return of Grenouille (with hopefully fewer body fluids), more truth-telling from Vanessa (K.K. Glick), more Vanessa in general, and more ridiculous N.A.C.H.O. (New Yorkers Against Childhood Obesity) events planned by Brooke (Abby Elliott). Also, Jill and Andy (Andy Buckley) should finally make good on that perfect date Jill pitched: Popeye’s, sex, and Broad City. So long as there’s no bread, the characters of Odd Mom Out—minus carb-loving Jill and Vanessa—will be happy.


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