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O'Brien's ratings skyrocketing; Tonight Show pulling in more viewers than The Jay Leno Show

Unless you've been living under a rock inside a cave for the past week, you've heard all about the explosive late night wars of 2010, an epic battle pitting good (Conan O'Brien) against evil (Jay Leno). Since The Jay Leno Show was cancelled, Leno was offered a half-hour show beginning in The Tonight Show's current slot and O'Brien very publicly refused to accept this demotion, NBC late night has turned into a wild and wooly show-biz melodrama.

O'Brien has been firing shots at NBC and Leno; his show has become appointment television for fans eager to see what he'll say and do next. O'Brien isn't biting the hand that feeds him so much as he's devouring an entire arm. According to The Hollywood Reporter Coco's trials and tribulations have only increased his popularity. O'Brien's ratings have skyrocketed the last few days, even beating those of The Jay Leno Show. It's a feat all the more remarkable considering Leno is in prime time and Conan anchors NBC's late-night line-up. Leno's ratings have actually gone down in that period, offering conclusive proof that maybe God exists after all.


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