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Oblivion director Joseph Kosinski thinks he can turn Gran Turismo into a movie

Illustration for article titled iOblivion/i director Joseph Kosinski thinks he can turn iGran Turismo/i into a movie

As we all remember, last year’s Need For Speed movie was not only one of the most financially successful video game adaptations of all time, but it also swept the Academy Awards. Now, everybody’s rushing to get movies based on racing games into production, with Burnout (starring Jason Statham) and Forza (starring Bill Murray for some reason) coming soon to theaters. Also, we live in a parallel universe, because that’s the only possible explanation we can think of for why anyone would think Gran Turismo should be made into a movie. Will the plot be completely based around earning new licenses so the characters can buy cars that are more fun to drive? Will none of the cars ever get damaged? Will you have to buy an expensive toy steering wheel in order to properly enjoy it?


Whatever the plan is, Oblivion and Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski might be the guy to make it happen, as The Hollywood Reporter says he’s currently in talks to direct the Gran Turismo movie. This idea last popped up in 2013, and the storyline back then reportedly involved a video game player becoming a driver, a la The Last Starfighter. Everything from that version has apparently been scrapped, though, and Kosinski will be coming up with a new script. We just hope it properly captures the excitement of popping a new Gran Turismo game into your PlayStation, looking at all of the amazing cars you’ll get to drive, and then spending the first few hours in a Ford Focus.

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