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Obama tries, fails to name everyone who has died on Game Of Thrones

Screenshot: BuzzFeed Video

This is about characters who have died on Game Of Thrones, so if you aren’t caught up on the series, we suggest you stop reading and go do that.

President Barack Obama and Buzzfeed teamed up to encourage people to register to vote, appealing to one of America’s favorite pastimes: Game Of Thrones. In a video, Obama attempts five different activities that are harder than registering to vote—including stacking Cheerios on a stuffed version of Bo, untangling headphones, playing Operation, and making a friendship bracelet for Vice President Joe Biden. But most importantly, Buzzfeed also had the president—a self-proclaimed superfan of Game Of Thrones—attempt to name every character that has ever been killed off the show. Oh, so you like Game Of Thrones, Mr. President? Name three dead people.

He actually manages to do much better than three, and if you want to avoid knowing who died in pretty much the whole series, stop reading now. “All right, you got Ned, Robb, Khal Drogo,” he starts. “Jon, but maybe that doesn’t really count… Renly, Summer, Shaggydog.” Apparently, direwolves count in this game. “And then Hodor. That was sad.” “Tywin, Oberyn, Ygritte,” he continues after the PSA. Then he ends with an important one: “Joffrey, thank god.” It’s unclear if this was shot a while ago or if President Obama has just fallen behind on Game Of Thrones due to his other presidential duties and whatnot, but he omits several of season six’s deaths, especially the ones that happen in the extremely lethal season finale. Maybe the president should take a break from Brexit drama to catch up on some sword-and-dragon drama. Do you think Obama has his own HBO Go account or is he definitely using Joe Biden’s login? Maybe that’s what the friendship bracelet is for. Honestly, Obama’s bracelet-making skills might outshine his Game Of Thrones knowledge. It’s time for a White House Etsy shop.


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