Beset by low approval ratings, rampant hecklers, and an approaching mid-term election that’s wide open to even the most wildly unqualified so long as they represent his polar opposite, President Barack Obama will most likely contribute to the growing dissatisfaction with his administration by doing something that, like his appearance on The View, will surely spark all sorts of “Doesn’t he have better things to do?” arguments, despite the fact that it probably took him all of five minutes: Obama is scheduled to appear on the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters so that he can promote the importance of science while challenging the Mythbusters team to work out whether Greek mathematician Archimedes really helped destroy an invading Roman fleet using mirrors. Obama’s taped segment will appear during the Dec. 8 episode, after which we’re presuming that the Mythbusters team of Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman will simply play a rerun of the 2006 episode that already addressed this.