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Obama sings “Thriller,” just because

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President Obama has always been prone to musical interludes, whether it’s crooning the opening bars of “At Last” or singing a few lines of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” But some of the best musical performances in his presidential terms have come from YouTube user Baracksdubs, who previously had the commander in chief channel The Weeknd to declare how he can’t feel his face. Now, just in time for Halloween, Baracksdubs is back with a brand new edition of the President singing a pop song, and this time it’s Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.”


What should be a dumb foray into editing ends up being a rather fun little medley. Using various clips of President Obama, the editor transforms the words until POTUS is performing the first verse and chorus of Michael Jackson’s ode to zombies and other creatures of the night (but not the occult). It’s a simple video that ends up being far more enjoyable than it has any right to be. Plus it’s bookended by President Obama making scary noises to a group of children, which is always a good time.

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