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Obama’s playlist for the summer is the mixtape America needs right now

Screenshot: The White House/YouTube

While political opponents spin themselves into varying degrees of discomfort with flubs and horrific talking points, President Obama is enjoying the summer. And look, America—he made you a mixtape. A two-parter, no less, for daytime and nighttime, as the chill commander in chief is well aware that different times call for different moods. And it’s a pretty eclectic playlist that the president has created, too, as he dropped it on Twitter today:


For those that can’t see it, or maybe want to make some cool album art, here’s the daytime mix breakdown:

And the nighttime mix breakdown:


From The Beach Boys and Miles Davis to Nas and Janelle Monáe, it’s a wide range of eclectic artists that draws from all sorts of decades and genres, proving that he’s clearly the man of the people. Plus Floetry! Who saw that coming? Clearly this man is a maverick as well. The White House has already collected the sweet summer jams on Spotify. For the day:


And night:


Is this the perfect music for the summer? Can any of the presidential candidates top this eclectic yet mellow mix for the hot summer days? And what would Tim Kaine’s playlist consist of (smart bet is a lot of Doobie Brothers and/or James Taylor)?

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