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Obama’s anger translator Luther crashed The Daily Show for one last rant

The Daily Show

Jordan Peele and Keegan-Michael Key seem to be doing well for themselves in a post-Key & Peele world, starring in and directing movies, and reaping the rewards of being two of the funniest guys currently working in TV and film. But one thing was destined to pull the two comedians back to two of their most popular characters, President Barack Obama and his anger translator, Luther: the election of Donald Trump. The duo—contrasting, as ever, Obama’s cool-as-a-cucumber nature with Luther’s raging, righteous id—had one last message for the nation. And, lacking a show of his own at the moment, Key chose to debut it as a guest on tonight’s episode of The Daily Show.


The Daily Show with Trevor Noah
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The joke of the Luther sketches has always lain in Luther’s wrathful subservience to Obama’s measured dignity, but this final sketch lets him slip off the leash a bit. Key—who got to translate for the real Obama at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2015—is as good in the part as ever, screaming at the country for making “orange the new black” and electing Donald Trump the president of the United States. (Peele’s Obama gets to throw some shade, too, for once, even if his voice never raises above that familiar level tone.) It’s a fitting farewell to the characters, even if the reason for the message is enough to make us want to start kicking and screaming a little, too.

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