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Obama loses crucial "guy from Creed" vote

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This morning saw Scott Stapp, the Creed of Creed members, make an appearance on Fox News' Fox & Friends, the Creed of morning news shows, ostensibly to talk about Creed, the Creed of bands. However, as there is only so much that can be discussed about filtering Pearl Jam through Jesus, talk inevitably turned to whom Stapp is supporting in the upcoming election, as Fox & Friends is nothing if not diligent in its search for former Obama supporters who are now willing to speak out against the president, even if they are shitty wannabe stand-up comics pulling obvious pranks or the guy from Creed. And so, in a totally lucky coincidence for Fox & Friends, Stapp did just that, saying that while he—a political independent, just like his musical style!—had previously voted for Obama in 2008, he would not be doing so again, with the cast of Fox & Friends all agreeing that this is worth noting seriously and devoting many minutes to exploring.


Though he said he felt "inspired" by Obama way back then, during that exciting time of national rebirth that led up to the release of Full Circle, today Stapp finds the president to be "a lot of promises but no real delivery" on America's need to move forward, as inspiration and progress are what Creed's Scott Stapp is all about. Nevertheless, Stapp did not explicitly endorse Mitt Romney as the clear alternative, not only because it would be completely illogical even for an obvious moron who is clearly out of his depth to say he supported Obama's platform, be disappointed that he didn't deliver, and then vote for someone who has the exact opposite platform of Obama, but also because Stapp is still waiting with yarms wide mopen for a true uniter, not a divider. "My heart and soul would really love someone like Reagan or FDR to come back and give us a New Deal… Yeah man, when you tear down that wall, do it," Stapp said in an actual quote that we did not make up, and which was aired on TV as an opinion from someone who is meant to influence voters to agree with him, apparently. [via The Atlantic Wire]