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Convicted armed robber (and un-convicted other things) O.J. Simpson has some problems with Cuba Gooding Jr.’s portrayal of him in FX’s American Crime Story. Specifically, Simpson has a problem with Goodings’ head, which he apparently feels is insufficiently large to wear the crown of America’s Worst Living Advertisement for the 1993 Ford Bronco. (Also, he’s apparently annoyed that the show is implying he’s a murderer.)

These revelations come courtesy of Page Six, whose reporters have gotten their hands on advance info from Guarding The Juice, the latest entry in a long line of books no one should have written about O.J. Simpson. (Other members in the hallowed bad book pantheon: slur-prone cop Mark Fuhrman’s Murder In Brentwood, and Simpson’s own playfully speculative If I Did It.) The new book is being written by Jeffrey Felix, a former guard at Lovelock Correctional Institute, where Simpson has been locked up since 2007. That time together has apparently given the pair a close enough relationship for Felix to gain some insights into the former football star—whose yard nickname, reportedly, is “Bobble Head,” presumably because of the size of his skull, and also because “Ol’ Crimey Of The Century” doesn’t scan as well.


Lovelock doesn’t get FX, so Simpson hasn’t seen the Ryan Murphy-produced series (or Archer, which seems like the crueler twist). But it’s been described to him, and apparently he’s at least a little irked that Gooding—who’s been praised for his work on the show—doesn’t fit his proportions, either in terms of hat size or height. Meanwhile, neither Nicole Brown Simpson nor Ron Goldman could be reached for comment on their portrayals on the show, because someone murdered them 22 years ago.

[via Vulture]