Fans of ghoulish books and TV specials of the kind only alleged murderers and mercenary publishers can create are mourning the cancellation of If I Did It in both book and TV forms. The O.J. Simpson-penned tome details the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman as Simpson imagines it would have happened if he had committed the murders. That's the legal equivalent of a fig leaf but not-widely-beloved Simpson publisher/interviewer Judith Regan has said she's treating it as his "confession."

Confession or not, the project has been cancelled by Rupert Murdoch's News. Corp., according to this story on the Associated Press wire. Murdoch himself offered the following comment: "I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project."

So there you have it, American public: Speak loudly enough and even Rupert Murdoch will bow to your wishes.