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O hai, Great Job, Internet!

Welcome to Great Job, Internet, The A.V. Club's latest experiment in bringing you the best, worst, and WTF-iest the Internet has to offer on a daily basis. I'll be curating this little corner of the site, with occasional help from my fellow AVC Internet mavens. I hope to bring you a good mix of the seriously sweet and sublimely stupid whoosits and whatsits that populate these tubes we call Inter; but there's only so much web I can surf every day, so please take advantage of the trendingtips@theonion.com e-mail at the bottom of every post to send along whatever great finds you come across in your daily quest to put off doing work.

As a gesture of welcome and good tidings, here is a lovely video from sound-collage master Pogo, who rips apart movie soundtracks—frequently of the Disney/Pixar variety—and stitches them back together into entrancing, non-copyright-infringing sonic quilts. His latest, "Wishery," takes on the Disney classic Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, reworking it into a sunny electronic track that's a perfect way to kick off a new week. Enjoy!

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