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NYC subway demands dogs be “enclosed in a container,” and dogs happily comply

Photo: Twitter user @meanboysclub

When New York City passed an ordinance banning animals from riding the subway, it added a curious wrinkle to the rule. For dogs, cats, or any other animal to enter the train, they must be “enclosed in a container and carried in a manner which would not annoy other passengers.”

This posed little threat to the Lisa Vanderpumps and Paris Hiltons of this world, but those with grownass dogs decided it was time to improvise. It doesn’t specify the size of the “container,” after all. Here are some particularly creative interpretations of the rule, as chronicled by Twitter user @meanboysclub.


This was not exactly breaking news, but it has resulted in a massive celebration of the ingenuity of NYC subway-riders, all of whom found ways both homespun and complex to help ferry their pups through subterranean NYC.


Great Dane owners: We look in your direction.

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