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Illustration for article titled iNurse Jackie/i will be back for a seventh season, but one of its stars wont

Showtime has issued a seventh season renewal to Nurse Jackie, the last of its original “women who lie” comedies, ahead of the show’s sixth season premiere on April 13. But while the network is typically eager about keeping the show around, where it can continue to yield the Emmy and Golden Globe nominations for Edie Falco it snorts like so much crushed-up Oxycodone, at least one of the Nurse Jackie regulars has hit his limit. Peter Facinelli has asked to be let out of his contract so that he can “pursue new creative challenges” (read: star in NBC’s new “Traffic-like” thrillerOdyssey), rather than remain stuck in the role of “Coop,” where the most creative challenge is attempting to make his character’s weird, Tourette’s-like groping syndrome believable. There’s obviously no word yet on what a seventh season for Nurse Jackie will entail, so we’ll just guess it involves her finally finding the right giant pill and marrying it.


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