Once smothered by the pretense of observing the human condition with a sociological eye, reality TV has finally been liberated to just get a bunch of naked people together with the prospective show The Nak’d Truth, which is currently casting for people willing to work as lifeguards and social directors at a Tampa-area nudist colony for a month. Producers say, “Camera crews will film people from the side or from the chest up. Private parts will be blurred.” So, uh, what’s the point then? Oh, right. Learning about people through their interactions with each other, this time with blurry nipples.

The Nak’d Truth (which gets its awkward apostrophe, presumably, to avoid confusion with a certain Téa Leoni sitcom) will be filmed at the Caliente Resort in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, which caters to an exclusive, wealthy, mostly older clientele of naturalists and the occasional swinger, all of whom will probably be thrilled to learn that the private oasis they pay so dearly for will soon be invaded by a reality TV crew filming people “new to the nudist lifestyle” and who are strictly “under 35,” because old naked people are gross. [via NY Post]