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NPR’s new podcast finder is like a buffet for your ears

There are a lot of podcasts out there, and they are of wildly divergent quality. And while The A.V. Club’s Podmass feature helps separate the wheat from the chaff, there’s always room for more thoughtful podcast chatter out there. Thankfully the folks at NPR have figured out a way to help separate the well-produced, informative wheat from the muffled, meandering chaff. It’s called Earbud.fm, and it features over 200 podcasts, recommended by people ranging from NPR hosts like Ari Shapiro, to celebs like Matthew McConaughey, to regular listeners like you, all curated by a panel of experts. You can read more about the curation process here.

The podcasts are then put under headings like “Pro & Celebrity Picks,” “Tell Me A Story,” and “Let’s Talk About Sex,” and include podcasts like Desert Island Disks, Hardcore History, and Switched On Pop. (McConaughey recommended Snap Judgement, in case you were wondering.)


Anyone who’s interested in listening to something new can check Earbud.fm out here.

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