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Now's your chance to buy Deckard's apartment from Blade Runner (sort of)

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Photo: Sunset Boulevard (Getty Images via Corbis)

In the grand history of pop culture apartments, there are few homes more coveted than Deckard’s cyberpunk domicile from Blade Runner. Oh sure, it lacks the unrealistic spaciousness of the Friends apartment and the adorkably confusing layout of the New Girl loft, but it has a perpetual smoky haze, has advanced technology that also seems weirdly outdated, and the oppressive neon lights of future Los Angeles are always shining just outside the window. If you’ve always dreamed of living in such a cool/bleak apartment, now you (sort of) can because the building used for filming Deckard’s apartment is now up for sale.

As you may have guessed, though, there’s a catch. The building we’re talking about is the famous Ennis House mansion in Los Angeles, and while it was used for filming Blade Runner, only its exterior actually appears in the movie. If you imagine that it’s surrounded by skyscrapers and you only approach at night and in the rain, it’ll be just like Deckard pulling up to his apartment in the movie. However, once you get inside, you may be disappointed to find out that the interior scenes—with the weirdly low ceilings and the elevator—were actually filmed on a separate set.

But hey, maybe you’re not just looking for a Blade Runner house. The mansion was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1923, which is pretty cool on its own, and it was also used (again, for exterior shots only) in House On Haunted Hill and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Luckily, it’s interior does have a similarly cool pedigree, as it was used to film very important portions of Twin Peaks! Alright, that’s a lie. It was just used to film the in-universe soap opera Invitation To Love.


Variety says the Ennis House is going for $23 million, but if you’re willing to throw a bunch of money away on a house that was kind of in Blade Runner and on Twin Peaks, we could probably make some other suggestions for things you could put that money toward. Like, say, some gently used websites that are also on the market.

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