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Now your watch is ended, as Seth Meyers and Leslie Jones roar through the Game Of Thrones finale

Leslie Jones, Seth Meyers
Leslie Jones, Seth Meyers
Screenshot: Late Night With Seth Meyers

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the Game Of Thrones finale.

There are some friends who just make everything you watch better. For Seth Meyers, fate has gifted him with former Saturday Night Live pal and all-around enthusiast Leslie Jones to watch TV and goof around with, as seen for the past few years in Meyers’ Late Night segment, Game Of Jones. With Game Of Thrones superfan Jones at his side, Meyers has had the best TV running partner since Crow T. Robot, as the pair plowed through the latest installments of the HBO fantasy juggernaut along with beer, chips, and the occasional uproarious GOT cameo with infectiously boisterous camaraderie. But, with the endlessly discussed (and that’s just getting started) Game Of Thrones finale having aired on Sunday, the week trudged on with Meyers making his usual jokes about how Donald Trump and the GOP are stripping away all pretense of upholding the rule of law without a glimpse of his friend and comrade in sight to lighten the load.

Thankfully, Leslie will never let Meyers (or us) down, as the duo saddled up one last time to watch Sunday’s finale, as Game Of Jones, perhaps unlike like Game Of Thrones itself, went out in a blaze of glory. As when Meyers brought in Lord Varys (okay, Conleth Hill) to his buddy’s raucous surprise and delight, Jones reacted to the finale’s big twists with accustomed, gleeful outrage. After asking Meyers seriously about Jon Snow’s continued allegiance to his genocidal aunt-lover Queen Daenerys, “Why is he defending her, tell me . . . from a man’s side?,” Jones was set up for a spectacular shocked bellow when Jon unexpectedly let Daenerys have it in the middle of an embrace. (“Yeah, bitch, ya got a knife in ya!”) And pity poor Drogon, for not only is he an orphan now, but Jones out-roared the dragon’s fire-spitting, throne-melting grief, as Meyers was left helpless with laughter. Not as much as when he reacted to whatever Jones said during her completely bleeped-out summation of whatever Brienne was thinking about “one-handed fuckboi” Jamie Lannister, but still.


And while Meyers’ suggestion that the pair start watching Chernobyl for their next HBO binge left Jones unmoved, she did have a final message for those, um, fans who’re still griping about things in Westeros not going their way. “Take a big glass of ‘grow the hell up,’” Jones admonished, “because Game Of Thrones is not real.” And that’s how you nail a finale.

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