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Now you, too, can have a signed, personalized Time cover from Donald Trump

Image: Youareagreatfriendthanks.com

As of this writing, Kanye West’s most recent tweet is still an eerie photograph of a signed copy of Donald Trump’s most recent Time magazine cover—you know, the possibly subversive devil-horns image of the president-elect peering malevolently from the shadows, a.k.a. striking the exact pose an evil cartoon billionaire who has successfully hijacked the global economy might. The tweet came after an unwell-looking Yeezy took photos with Trump in the latter’s gilded golden lobby during a much-publicized discussion about such topics as “life.” Ye took to Twitter to explain the controversial move, then posted the image, bearing Donald’s glad tiding: “You are a great friend, Thanks, [Series of Triangles].”


— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) December 14, 2016

Are they great friends? Time will tell, as rumors have floated about ambassadorships, not to mention Yeezy’s own presidential bid, presently pushed from 2020 to 2024, assuming we make it that long. In the meantime, you, too, can catch a whiff of the gold-crusted opulence of our glorious leader-elect with the website youareagreatfriendthanks.com, which allows you to get your own cover, or a cover for anyone else.


One quibble: The site doesn’t quite replicate Trump’s handwriting as it appears in Kanye’s photo, in particular the shocking way the “T” in “Thanks” underlines “great,” a stylistic choice which is actually sort of impressive. Had he been practicing that?


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