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Now you can take a Game Of Thrones language course in Dothraki

Illustration for article titled Now you can take a iGame Of Thrones/i language course in Dothraki

Despite the existence of a (faux-) Muzzy program for the language, it’s never been that easy to learn Dothraki. Fortunately, Game Of Thrones fans will now have the chance to learn from the guy who invented it with David J. Peterson’s Living Language Dothraki: A Conversational Language Course.


Out Oct. 7, the official guide to Dothraki will contain “more than 500 words and phrases,” as well as “never-before-heard material and words coined exclusively” for the course. According to Peterson,  readers will soon be able to tell their arakhs from their zhavvorsas, as well as learn common grammar, pronunciation, and cultural do’s and don’ts related to the Dothraki culture.

Living Language Dothraki will be available as both a standard book with accompanying audio CD, as well as in an expanded online version with additional grammar and games. It will also have a companion mobile app, allowing users to learn to make crude sexual references on the go.

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