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Now you can see what the bedroom of Stranger Things’ Barb would look like

Barb's bedroom (Photo: Imagined Interiors)

Ever wonder what the private spaces of some of your favorite TV and film characters would look like? Well, wonder no longer, as two women in Chicago with a yen for pop culture, a flair for design, and some time on their hands have created Imagined Interiors, a website where they craft rooms that reflect the personalities of fictional characters. So far their selections are very specific, to say the least, including Waiting For Guffman’s Libby Mae Brown’s pink bathroom—right down to a Skeet Ulrich snapshot, curlers, and giant can of Aqua Net—and the kitchen room table of The Birds’ Melanie Daniels, where Tippi Hedren’s character would no doubt sip some relaxing tea at her lovely midcentury table and chairs before being attacked by feathers and beaks.

Best of all is the the bedroom of Stranger Things Barb, which features brightly colored sheets and an afghan, a Seventeen magazine, and a “seals in space” Trapper Keeper. Hopefully soon to come: the Imagined Interiors cottage industry in which these two can decorate your home in the style of the film or TV character you most admire. But until then, enjoy these Dwell-worthy photos:

Melanie’s kitchen table (Photo: Imagined Interiors)
Libby Mae’s bathroom (Photo: Imagined Interiors)
Barb’s bed (Photo: Imagined Interiors)

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