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Now you can relive the magic of Gil Ozeri’s 47 hour Entourage-A-Thon

Ozeri, center, with Michelle Collins, Adam Pally, and others

Last weekend, comedian Gil Ozeri sat through 47—four-seven! 47!—hours of Entourage, all in the name of comedy. A ton of the best comedians popped in to chat, watch some TV, and get drunk. There was even a porn star there just to jerk off, because why not?

While the whole stream was online live last weekend it, like Vince after he sleeps with some broad, quickly disappeared after completion. Fortunately, the whole thing is back online now, thanks to the virtues of Livestream. Watch it below—hopefully in pieces—and feel your sense and sanity slowly dissipating, just like Ozeri did. Seriously, the man’s a hero.


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