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Now you can play Quake on an oscilloscope

Sure you can play Duke Nukem 3D in your browser, DOOM on a printer, or Donkey Kong Country in DOOM, but these are all truly inconvenient options for those who truly need to play video games: surgeons. You don’t get to operate on people in front of a computer or near a printer, so what’s a surgeon supposed to do to train his or her hand eye coordination, other than tedious surgical exercises?

Enter Pekka Väänänen, the first person ever to hack an oscilloscope strictly for the purpose of playing the 1996 classic Quake. The kicker is that oscillo-Quake looks and plays surprisingly well for a game being played on the precursor to CRTs. Väänänen goes over the extremely technical and John Carmack retweeted details in an article here. And, yes, if you have an oscilloscope laying around, he goes over how to start fragging some aliens on that thing ASAP.

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