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Now you can own the Sterling Archer tactleneck

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Remember a couple of years ago, when Banana Republic did that Mad Men clothing line? Remember how you thought to yourself, “Sure, I could get dolled up like Don Draper, but why would I want to look like someone who is considered exceptionally well-dressed in real life? Why won’t someone give me the chance to dress up like a cartoon?!?” Dark days.

Well, things are looking up, because the enterprising folks at JackThreads got permission from FX to create a real-life version of Sterling Archer’s signature tactleneck. And unlike that Banana Republic store nonsense, this thing is so exclusive, it’s only available to people who have access to the Internet.

Lest we forget, Sterling Archer claimed to have invented the tactleneck back in the first-season episode, “The Rock”:

“I mean, I didn’t invent the turtleneck, Lana, but I was the first to recognize its potential as a tactical garment. The tactical turtleneck, Lana. The…tactleneck!”


And thus was a fashion trend in no way or shape born—until now. The JackThreads website purringly describes the “100-percent Azerbaijani cashmere combined with effortlessly flattering colors—black and slightly darker black” as the ideal spy look, with the disclaimer that it isn’t the slightest bit Azerbaijani cashmere. Also, it only comes in one color.

The site also has a bunch of other Archer-themed items available—items obviously quickly repurposed from other lines, as they don’t really match the pictures of Sterling Archer directly above them—but the tactleneck seems to be the only original creation born from the FX partnership. It does, however, helpfully offer a black hat, gloves, shoes, and any other sartorial accessories you might need for a real-life breaking and entering mission. Good looking out, JackThreads.

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