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Now you can own some of Burt Reynolds’ many manly possessions

“Who wouldn’t want to own one of Burt Reynolds’ high school football trophies?” That was the question no doubt running through Burt Reynolds’ mind as he wrapped up said trophy, adding it to the pile of more than 600 items due to be auctioned off next month at the Palms Resort Casino in Las Vegas. (Don’t worry, Reynolds-heads: he made sure to include more than one trophy from his teenage ball-playing years! The man is thoughtful.)

Entitled Property From The Life And Career Of Burt Reynolds, the auction catalog is actually an incredibly substantive collection of memorabilia from Reynolds’ work in film and television. The jacket Reynolds wore in Smokey And The Bandit II? Check. His football helmet from the original The Longest Yard? Check. His signed copy of a mass-market book of photographs taken by Kenny Rogers? SUPERCHECK. Also, there are leather chaps, belt buckles, and Stetson hats aplenty. The Burt Reynolds auction has something for everyone.


Reynolds has apparently been feeling a bit of a financial pinch after Merrill Lynch attempted to foreclose on his Florida home in 2011. Despite news that he is writing a memoir—set to be published next year—as well as his recent foray into teaching acting classes, the man who most young people know as “that guy Archer’s mom dated” is still strapped for cash. So much so, that even his expired American Express card is on the auction block in an effort to garner a few more dollars.

The event will take place December 11-12, with bidding live and online, so if you’re inclined to participate, head here and check out the complete catalog. And before the expected outcry begins: yes, Evening Shade fans, Reynolds’ 1991 best actor Emmy for Evening Shade is available.

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