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Now you can own props from Entourage for some reason

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As HBO’s Hollywood “fratire” Entourage builds to what we can only assume is a Day Of The Locust-style climax—with Vinny Chase torn to Diesel-clad pieces by a riotous crowd, as Turtle watches helplessly, his tears streaking a platter of Don Peppe baked clams—the show has already been dismantled behind the scenes, the instruments of its magic scattered to the winds of an HBO auction. According to a network press release, beginning later today on the HBO Store website, people who actually like Entourage that much can bid on various props from the series’ run in various memorabilia sets for all of the characters’ fake projects, a bounty of fake ephemera that includes stuff like the fake script to Vinny’s fake Medellin movie, the fake poster to his fake indie film Queens Boulevard, and a collection of fake promotional swag for the fake TV drama Five Towns that fake-resuscitated the fake acting career of Kevin Dillon’s Johnny Drama, all of which will elicit fake expressions of awe from your friends. Over the next few weeks, the website will offer up other pieces of Entourage arcana, hopefully including the actual bubble that the show lives in, where man-children who base multimillion-dollar decisions on their ex-girlfriends are still allowed to have jobs, a CBS cartoon about a monkey starring Andrew Dice Clay has the potential to be “bigger than The Simpsons,” and Adrian Grenier is considered an awesome, Scorsese-caliber actor.


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