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Oh, the things you can buy on Etsy. Alan Ronay, a Los Angeles artist and self-confessed “huge fan of classic TV,” is currently marketing a lovingly crafted miniature version of the set of The Addams Family for a mere $345.00 through his Everyday Miniatures shop on the popular handicrafts site. The three-dimensional model measures 8 1/2 by 8 1/2 by 4 1/2 inches and is constructed from printed paper and foam board plus, in the artist’s words, “time, glue [and] patience.” It also contains a number of arcane details from the cult 1964-1966 ABC series, including matriarch Morticia’s iconic “peacock chair” and the remains of unfortunate Cousin Farouk, whose foot dangles from the mouth of a swordfish whose head has been mounted on the tiny, tiny wall. For more budget-conscious Addams fans, Ronay also offers a “DIY” papercraft version of the set for $7.95, which comes as a .PDF file for at home assembly.

Other offerings from Everyday Miniatures include shrunken versions of the sets of The Golden Girls (Ronay’s “favorite show”), I Love Lucy, and the genial daytime talk show Ellen. Ronay’s Etsy bio includes a mention of a Mary Tyler Moore Show-themed piece, but this is not offered for sale as yet.


Those who purchase Ronay’s work should keep their eyes peeled for “easter eggs” secreted throughout the models. “I hide props from these episodes,” the artist explains, “and included a diagram with the list so people can find them.” Happy hunting!

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