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Now you can make playlists based on shows coming up in your area

There are countless ways to have playlists made for you these days, whether Spotify creates one based on what you listened to last week or St. Vincent crafts you a mixtape based on a letter you wrote to her. Many listeners just opt for Pandora, which uses a seemingly random algorithm that some say is not really that random, but skewed to favor certain label groups with ties to the company.

So there is something certainly democratic about Bands Of The Week, a new website that uses Spotify to craft a custom playlist based on the bands coming through your town. Simply enter your preferred city and a date range, and the site opens a Spotify playlist featuring songs from all the acts playing within a healthy radius of your stated location. And if you don’t want to listen to both Boyz II Men and The Get Up Kids, you can filter the results by venue or by specific city, narrowing down the playlist into something a little more specific. This could be a good tool for those that want to go see live music but need help determining what bands they should go see, the same way some people choose the movies they attend by watching trailers.


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