There be walruses.

Truly breathtaking high-definition streaming video might be a thing of the future, should Silicon Valley be trusted, but there’s still some pretty good quality video floating around the internet these days. Animal Planet, for instance, had millions of viewers watching a live giraffe birth about a month ago, and that’s something to be admired.

Today’s choice streaming nugget comes courtesy of a robotic webcam on Round Island, Alaska. That’s where thousands of male walruses have gathered to sun themselves, grunt, and fart, all while their female counterparts are out raising pups. A static shot of a mountain of big-tusked walruses might not sound that appealing, but give it a few minutes. It goes from mildly amusing to absolutely mesmerizing, the walrus sounds turning into sort of an ambient blend of squishes and flops. The camera, which is funded in part by and the Alaska Department Of Fish And Game, runs all year round, save for the one week a year Alaskan natives are allowed to hunt walruses. That’s probably for the best, though. Watching these male walruses beat on each other is already brutal enough.

[via Uproxx]