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Now you can go on the New Kids On The Block Cruise without leaving your house or admitting you did that

Ensuring that reality television will soon be the sole province of Wahlbergs and hangin’-tough rappers, TV Guide Network has announced that one of the first projects in its new life of original programming will be a Donnie Wahlberg-produced reality series about his band/gang, New Kids On The Block. Specifically, about the New Kids On The Block Cruise, whose adventures on the high seas will be the maiden voyage for an ostensible series that could subsequently cover other cruises with “America’s favorite bands,” such as those regularly undertaken by Weezer and Barenaked Ladies, all while Mark McGrath rails against the tides of fate from dry dock. The series will be titled Rock The Boat—possibly as a play on words, though possibly also as a nod to how the first episode will find the cruise ship capsized by overeager fans during a particularly lively performance of “Step By Step,” leaving the group marooned for the run of the season on a desert island where the rules of civilization slowly break down, eventually transforming the New Kids into New Men, and Joey McIntyre into a head on a pike.


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