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Once again, the Internet fills a hole you didn’t know you had. A guy named David Valento has assumed the great burden of recapping the highlights of World Cup matches—in MS Paint. If you’re sick of meaningless, filler commentary from ESPN, head over to Valento’s Tumblr, Here Comes The Ball, for slightly less meaningless, filler commentary. He’s captured the most important moments from each match: a Christ-like John Brooks securing a win for the U.S. over Ghana; Drogba’s late entry into the Côte D’Ivoire vs. Japan match, bringing the former to victory; Messi, appropriately rendered here as a magician, leading Argentina to a 2-1 win over Bosnia-Herzegovina. Love or hate the World Cup, it’s still worth taking a moment to admire the level of detail in an MS Paint-rendered rabbit.


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