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Now you can eat Thanksgiving dinner like Picasso

As Thanksgiving approaches, the internet is awash in meticulously styled food photography, all hinting at some kind of perfect, unattainable Thanksgiving dinner.

San Francisco-based artist Hannah Rothstein takes fussing over food in a different direction; her “Thanksgiving Special” photo series imagines how famous artists would plate their Thanksgiving meals.


Some of the images are as you would expect: The Piet Mondrian separates cranberry sauce, green beans, and stuffing into perfect, gravy-delineated rectangles, and the Georges Seurat forms a pumpkin out of dots of corn kernels. Others take more artistic license—like the Picasso-inspired meal served on the shards of a broken plate. (And the Rothko? It lives up to the description Jane Siegal gave the artist’s work on Mad Men: “Smudgy squares.”)

For those looking for some seasonal décor, Rothstein is offering signed, limited edition prints of her photographs ($75) through her website, with a portion of the proceeds benefitting the SF-Marin Food Bank.


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