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Now you can come up with your own Simpsons couch gag instead of just complaining about it

Once again inviting fans to exact some measure of insignificant control over a show they have long only been able to register their disgust with on the Internet, The Simpsons is now holding a contest to choose a fan-created opening couch gag that could possibly appear in this year's season finale. Producers will choose three ideas from couch gag synopses received at this website, then open those finalists up to the masses for voting and "Democracy just doesn't work" references. Your winning couch gag may then be animated and included in the May finale, and you can say to your friends, "Hey, did you see the couch gag in the Simpsons finale? That was mine!" and your friends can reply, "Oh, you mean that thing that went on for like 90 seconds and reminded me yet again that the couch gags used to be short, punchy visual gags, instead of meandering experimental films that feel like they're there just to eat up time the writers won't have to spend coming up with actual jokes?" "Yes," you'll say.


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