During the production of Spike Jonze’s technological romance Her, Joaquin Phoenix didn't completely understand what costume designer Casey Storm was going for. “I don’t get it, but I trust you guys,” he said to Storm, as though daring the world at large to take up the mantle of the unbelted, high-resting pant cut. But now those high-waisted pants are the fashion totem breaking out from the film into the real world. With the help of designer Humberto Leon, Storm has created a 41-item collection of clothes inspired by Her that are currently available through Opening Ceremony. In addition to five different pairs of the belly-button-hovering pants style Phoenix's character favors—offered to you at a healthy $195 a pop—Storm’s designs include various shirts that would work great for any employee at a personal letter-writing firm. Just don’t ask Siri about your new pair of pants; she’s apparently very touchy when it comes to questions about Her.